My Underwater Photo Heroes

Photographers that I rate highly or whom have influenced my photography in some way.

Bernard Picton. A highly respected professional marine biologist and underwater photographer. He has a vast and enviable collection of marine life images that appear both in print and on-line. Habitas

Frank Moen & Erling Svensen. Highly experienced divers and underwater photographers. Authors of one of the most (if not the most) complete guide books to marine life of Northern Europe. Marinbi

Jim Greenfield. A highly experienced photographer and expert in UK waters. Ocean Eye Photo

Mark Webster. A very experienced photographer, skilled in both British and overseas waters. Photec

Martin Edge. One of the best underwater photographers in the UK and unrivalled in his skill and generosity as an educator of underwater image making. Edge Underwater Photography

Paul Naylor. Creator of images of UK marine life that go beyond just aesthetic appeal. Marine biology blended with high quality images. Marine Photo

Roy Waller. An underwater photographer who consistently produced very high quality images in UK waters from the early days of scuba diving without the advantages of modern camera systems. Roy is represented by NHPA. NHPA

Sue Scott. An accomplished biologist and photographer having particular prowess in northern waters. Sue’s images and articles appear online and in the diving press.'Above And Below Nature Photo Library'