About Me

Babbacombe, Devon England

Image above courtesy of Colin Samuel

I was already a keen photographer including natural history photography when I decided to extend my range into the underwater world.
I live in Yorkshire, England.
My first underwater camera was the Sea & Sea MX-10, a handy and effective little thing. Second was a Nikon F90x in a Subal Housing with twin Sea & Sea YS90 strobes. Both camera and housing gave faultless service. I also had a Nikon Nikonos V, its lenses, particularly the wide angle were superb.
I resisted the change to digital photography but replacing my camera system and housing was inevitable. And so in December 2007 I left the convenience and simplicity of film photography behind. Approximately 50% of images shown on the web site are scanned from 35mm film 'slides'.

Loch Diabeg, Scotland

My first digital system was the Nikon D200 also in a Subal housing, with my original Sea & Sea YS90 strobes. This system also worked perfectly but all too soon Nikon launched the D300 camera to replace the D200. Thanks to a conversion kit (not made by Subal) I was able to use the D300 in the Subal D200 housing. I replaced my YS90 strobes in 2013 with a pair of Sea & Sea YS-D1 strobes.
In 2015 I upgraded again, to the Nikon D7100, once again in a Subal housing.

Current lenses that I use underwater are the Nikon 60mm and 105mm macro lenses, a +5 diopter, and a Tokina 10-17mm DX ‘fish- eye’ lens, all used with various Subal ports. Strobes and focus light (Sola 800) are supported by Ultralight Control System arms.

Oban, Scotland Image by Samuel Gregory age 10

At the risk of sounding clichéd, I simply hope that my photographs will help highlight the beauty and importance of the natural history of the British marine environment.